Laura Sole Interiors

Laura Sole Interiors , London, is run by Laura Sole and specialises in interior design for residential, hotel, cafe, restaurant, and commercial projects.

Lacquered walls add irresistible polish, light and energy to an interior. There’s something magnetic about that inimitable patent leather shine — it feels refined, classic, glamorous and unexpected all at once. But how do you get walls that glimmer at night and bedazzle during the day?….
This can be an expensive look to achieve in an existing home. Imperfections will be magnified. If you plan to lacquer a surface, make sure it is in great shape as even barely noticeable bumps and nicks will be highlighted by the sheen. Costs for lacquering add up quickly as not only must you factor in labour and supplies for surface prep, but good-quality lacquer is expensive. It is also difficult and time consuming to apply as generally it is sprayed on which requires professional help.
You can achieve a similar look by applying several coats of high-gloss paint or adding a layer of varnish as a top coat. While this won’t replicate lacquer’s sheen exactly, its a good compromise if budget’s are tight.