is yellow the marmite of colours?

Everyone appears to have quite a strong opinion when it comes to yellow – love it or hate it, its a colour that seams to pop in and out of favour in the world of interiors.

Yellow is an emotive colour – using the wrong yellow in your colour scheme can have negative psychological effects – bringing on feelings of anxiety. However, use it well and you can reap the positive benefits of optimism, enlightenment, and happiness – sounds good to me!

The colours we choose to surround ourselves – whether in fashion or in our homes are an expression of our personality and I think the key to using yellow in interiors is to pick the right shade of yellow that resonates with you. Using it in the right proportions and in the right rooms.

Yellow presents itself in many different tones from the subtlest creamy colour of a delicate rose to the strong vibrant yellow of daffodils and sunflowers, through to acid yellows.

I am a firm supporter of the colour and love how it can pack a punch or dash of whimsy to an interior, but for all those anti-yellow people out there –  I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t like the burst of yellow that spring brings. So I ask you, can you really hate yellow?

Frank Stella

yellow 13

yellow 14

yellow tolix stools